Lockdown Size Guarantee

Order a size-dependent stock item during the lockdown, such as gymnastic clothing, gymnastic leathers or gymnastic shoes.

Has the regular return period expired?

Does the measure not fit (anymore) at the end of the lockdown?

Place a new order within 1 week after the end of the current lockdown and state in the exchange note regarding Lockdown size guarantee.

Send the article in its origin as stated on the supplied return slip (see back of packing slip) and state the new order number.

Note: After the normal return period you will not receive any money back, but only exchanges are allowed. Provided that another order has been placed within 1 week after the lockdown has ended, and this item has been registered for return.

Note: It is possible that the model in question can no longer be ordered in your size, you can choose another model.

Note: Does not apply to items that have been specially made or modified for you. Such as club leotards and articles with a name.