Are you looking for a new training suit, t-shirt, polo or leotard with or without rhinestones for your club, then you have to go to CEK Gymnastics. We supply team clothing for every budget!

In the Netherlands, the gymnastics world is made up of associations and clubs that are affiliated with the KNGU. About 1100 clubs in total. This means that there is a gymnastics club in almost every municipality. These associations offer various disciplines of gymnastics. Toddler Gym, Ladies Gymnastics, Mens Gymnastics, Acro Gymnastics, Team Gym, Group Jumping, Rhythmic, Jazz etc.


Each discipline needs its own gymnastic clothing. A nice leotard for little money is a great idea for the kindergarten gym. For a competition group you are looking for a nice leotard with long sleeves and rhinestones. Of course CEK has many options and possibilities for associations. From a simple leotard for recreationists to the most exclusive leotards with Swarovski from GK, at CEK you always succeed.


In addition to leotards, leotards and other gymnastic equipment, we also supply tracksuits, t-shirts and other teamwear. At CEK you can choose from many brands such as JAKO Teamwear, CRAFT and Erima. It goes without saying that we can provide all clothing and bags with logos and rhinestones.