Our brands

We sell various brands. Each brand has its own collections, length of collections and delivery times.

For example, we have collections that are available while stocks last (sale items and Eurosavers), collections that are available for a maximum of 3 months (so-called Essentials), seasonal collections that are available for at least 1 year, collections that are almost infinitely available and our own design options.

Each brand has its own price level, delivery time and options.

E-mail us ( [email protected] ) the following information and we will contact you with a suitable offer:

Club name and contact person.
Telephone number and the moment you can best be reached.
Expected number of leotards.
Desired colors and fabric types.
How long after delivery.
Budget per package after discount.
Also provide a number of models (regardless of the color scheme or brand) to indicate your wishes regarding models.

With this information we will work for your club to make a good offer.

Click on the brand logo below to view the possibilities of that brand.

Tracksuits and other clothing and items

We also sell different brands of tracksuits with attractive discounts, t-shirts, polos, bags, etc. with and without print.

We look forward to receiving your inquiry!

View a number of different collections from various brands below. Can't find what you're looking for? Send a request to [email protected] and we will search for you.

Click on the brand logo below to view the possibilities of that brand.

Customize series and mockups

It is possible to order a series of clothes for many clothes against payment of washing / replacement costs and shipping costs. We always recommend ordering a sample of the desired model in the desired fabric combination. This way you can easily determine whether you should order equal to / larger than / smaller than the fit size.

A sample model is also possible for a fee. Any purchase discount will be deducted when placing a final order.