GIMAR Own colors / Own Design

The leotards are specially made for you on this page and therefore excluded from exchanging / returning and canceling. Ordered the models in a different color? Please contact us.


Why choose GimarGym?

GimarGym is a brand that specializes in designing and manufacturing leotards for artistic gymnastics for women, men, rhythmic acrobatics, ice skating, dance, trampoline and Teamgym.

GimarGym is actually the official supplier of leoatards for the Spanish Artitic Gymnastics Team.

At GimarGym we are convinced that the quality of the leotard is determined by the ability to adapt to the body and to provide the comfort that the athlete needs. Once this is achieved, it is the design that makes the difference. And in this respect, at GimarGym we go further than other brands by adjusting the garments at no extra cost.

Why GimarGym?

At GimarGym we distinguish ourselves by offering our customers the product they need.

At GimarGym we are specialists in the production of customized gymnastic clothing. We are known to make tights unique for each individual club. Our adjustment goes further than just changing colors and types of fabrics. At GimarGym we have been working closely with the club from the outset to produce models that are both unique and exclusive. The modification of the clothing can be of a certain catalog model or of a design or drawing by the customer to create a unique model for exclusive use for two years.

At GimarGym we guarantee the clubs continuity of styles, lycra's and colors for a minimum of five years.

GimarGym men's leotards have a traditional fit. The "boycut" leg (leotard with small pipe) is also possible at an additional cost.

Choose one of the Gimar designs from one of our brochures without a minimum order quantity or create your own custom design with a minimum of 20 pieces. No minimum re-ordering quantities! Email your request, quantity and colors to [email protected] . Don't forget to e-mail your phone number when we can reach you the best. We will contact you asap

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