High Bar Grips

Grips for Highbar, just like Epke Zonderland, every gymnast needs them, grips for the horizontal bar. CEK sells the top brand Reisport. This Swiss brand guarantees quality and durability. Buy your gymnastics grips now!

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High Bar Grips
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Wrist Brace
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Mens HB Grips
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Elite Protect HB
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Horizontal bar one of the most liked events of men's gymnastics. The horizontal bar that is used during international competitions must comply with the guidelines and specifications as set out by the International Gymnastics Federation. Of course you cannot do gymnastics at the horizontal bar without grips for the horizontal bar. Reisport supplies grips with Swiss precision.  

The exercises nowadays include many flight elements with somersaults, such as Cassina, Kovacs, Kolman or Gaylord. Of course you can also fly over the stick without somersault like with a Tkatchev and Yamawaki. Furthermore, there are many spins in the exercise. After 9 heavy element, the dismount follows, with the landing playing a very important role, you need to stick it.

Olympic World and European champion Epke Zonderland controls this device like no other. He has been the master of the horizontal bar for 10 years. Watch here his exercise of the World Cup in DOHA 2018.