Ring Grips

Grips for rings, you swing, you spin and you have to hold every position for 3 seconds. Every gymnast needs to have grips for the rings. CEK sells Reisport grips. Order your Grips safe and quickly online.

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Ring grips
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An exercise on rings consists of swing, strength and hold elements. Generally, gymnasts are required to fulfill various requirements including a swing to held handstand, a static strength hold, and an aerial dismount. More experienced gymnasts will often perform more than one strength element, sometimes swinging into hold positions or consecutively performing different holds. To be able to do this well, you need Reisport grips. The grips provide more grip and better power transfer.

One of the most widely recognized skills performed on the rings is the Iron Cross, which is executed by extending both arms straight out from the sides of the body while suspended mid air for at least two seconds. Other common strength moves include the inverted cross (i.e., vertically inverted Iron Cross) and the Maltese cross, in which the gymnast holds his or her body parallel to the ground at ring height with arms extended laterally. Swing elements include giant swings from handstand to handstand, in both front and back directions, similar to giants performed on the horizontal bar. Elements on the rings are regulated by the Code of Points.

Here you can see a nice ring exercise by Artur Dalaloyan (RUS) in Glasgow during the European Championships in 2018.