Club discount

CEK always has atractive discounts for teams and almost everything is reorderdable with 1 piece.

Attractive prices for team orders

We receive the standard question: How much discount do we get when we order? The final team price depends on many factors.

Some factors are Brand, Quantity, Wishes, Loyal customers etc.

We always look for the brand that best suits their needs for our customers. The budget is of course 1 of the most important factors here.

Tell us your wishes and we will get to work for you

Have you seen a nice design, but do you want it in your own colors or maybe just as the package is shown? Or do you prefer something completely different?

The designers of our brands are ready for you!

Clubs can earn even more discounts at CEK by participating in our affiliate program.


For repeat orders, the normal published price applies at the time of ordering. For larger quantities you can of course request a quote

If the club lets their members order themselves through the affiliate program, the club receives up to 10% of the total order.

This is unfortunately not possible for some brands that use a minimum quanity for reorders.

Club affiliate

Especially for clubs we have an affiliate program. How does this work?

- You ask the affiliate program via [email protected] (this must be done through one of the board members of the club along with proof that this is indeed a member of the board)
- You specify when ordering your account or you want to have a cash back or credit account. Cash back is paid one half yearly and the balance is valid up to 2 years.
- You will receive an affiliate link and a number of banners to choose from for your club website
- You place the banner with a link to the website
- You encourage your members to order via this link
- You receive 5% cash back on all approved orders from your members that are placed on this link or
- You will receive a 10% credit on all approved orders from your members that are placed via the link if you club dress ordered from CEK (gymnastics clothing, tracksuits etc.)
- You will receive a login for your club account where you can see how much has been built exactly.

For clubs with us their club dressing purchase we can create a custom page where the clothing is mentioned for example and reorders or new members.

Gives you instant when requesting a link or club already has clothes with us, so we can send the appropriate link. For credit accounts are automatically created its own page, so there may be added if necessary in future articles to.

Download here the manual for our affiliate program for associations.

Other actions

At present there are no other club activities