Womens Gymnastics

Female gymnastics combines elegance and power on the four appartus: vault, uneven bars, balance beam and floor exercise. Gymnasts strive for perfection in competitions and training. Beautiful Leotards, shorties, grips and slippers as what a gymnast needs!

Your individual style determines which trends in gymnastics you like. The different apparatus, your exercises and your expression ask for a look, from a leotard for your training to a special order leotard for your device final. With us you can not only buy the best basics but also design your own custom design. In short, there is a lot to explore.

A sleeveless leotard for your training.

Sleeveless leotards range from urban modern to classic with a twist. The new sublimation trend shows a totally new look in gymnastics. Leotards with or without rhinestones, everything is possible. The gymnastics world is on the move and is now making nice gymnastics fashion. Embrace these new trends, and enjoy the beautiful designs of sequinze, spangles or rhinestones. A leotard of mystique, lycra, or velvet with a lot of glitter.

Color and brilliance, a special order leotard may shine

Pink, turquoise, pink, black, white, colors abound. If this is not enough then his ombre options also fit perfectly into a competition leotard. With special order you decide, the color, rhinestones, Swarovski or sequins. you decide. If you want mesh arms, no problem that is possible too. Even those can be sublimated. Finding suitable leotard is no longer a problem, but it will be happy shopping when you go to CEK Gymnastics.

In the video below you see Celine van Gerner during her event finale in Glasgow 2018. A unique piece of gymnastics history because here music from the musical Cat's, the leotard, make-up and the grace and expression of Céline, ensures a perfect performance. Enjoy this exercise again.