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GK Beginnergrips

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GK Beginnergrips

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Gymnastics Grips FOR WOMEN

What you should not? Gymnastics grips for the uneven bars can not be missed in your gymbag because without your own grips you're nowhere. The beginnergrips have a preventive effect against blisters. Reisport and Reichel grips are designed for the competition gymnasts. In addition, long sweatbands or neoprene straps are a must when using beginnergrips or gymnastics grips. It is important to determine the correct size. Please read the full product description. The finger holes at Reichel and Reisport are usually small because they must fit the smallest fingers. With the grips you will receive a description how to make the wider holes or ask the coach or trainer.

Gymnastics Grips for Ladies, Horizontal Bar and Rings bought at CEK!

It goes without saying that there are several different devices also grips. For ladies who do gymnastics on the uneven bars are "Gymnastics grips Ladies." For men who do gymnastics on the rings, we sell "Gymnastics Grips Rings" and the high bar, "Gymnastics Grips Horizontal Bar"

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