QUATRO Colores propios / Diseño propio

La marca de gimnasia de Gran Bretaña, especializada en diseño de equipos. Muchos equipos de gimnasia ya han elegido a Quatro. ¿Es tu club de gimnasia el siguiente para elegir los leotardos de Quatro?

Inspírate con el LOOKBOOK de QUATRO

Quatro offers you the possibility to choose a nice leotard for your team. Color, fabrics, long sleeves or sleeveless. with or without strass just about anything is possible.

Our style advisors, together with the Quatro design team, can work out a leotard based on your wishes.

By means of the Quatro "kit builder" we can quickly show a number of possibilities.

The color of a leotard is so defining that only a color change provides a totally different "look and feel."

See what color does with this leotard ...

For your new club leotard contact our Style Advisors


Of course Quatro also has many beautiful leotards with long sleeves in stock. There is a nice looking model that can be used by many clubs.

This model is usually fitted with strass to get the right "wow" effect. The model is also often made in 3 color way combinations.

If you then see the attractive prices, you will be completely happy, specially if you have te responsibility for the apparel of your team.

Of course you can also succeed with a smaller budget at Quatro. The beautiful sleeveless leotards can also be used as "teamwear".

These sleeveless leotards are also often full of "bling" to give the leotard a rich look.

Check here what the Quatro in-stock collection has to offer.


If your budget is a bit wider or you really want something different than others, there are of course many more options. The style advisors will then work closely with the Quatro design team to develop a beautiful and unique leotard.

All options are pretty much possible. Sublimation techniques can create beautiful Ombre effects. Mesh or mesh sleeves provide a chic look.

In addition, you can finally also choose between budget rhinestone or real Swarovski. It goes without saying that the Swarovski option is more expensive, but it certainly also blings more!

What would you choose... 


We understand that it is sometimes very difficult and exciting to design something yourself. Fortunately we are here to help you... If you e-mail your inspiration, ideas or sketches to us, we can see what we can work out for you. Together with the graphic specialists from Quatro we will come up with a great design.

If you want more information or help with designing your own club leotard, please contact our professional customer service quickly. They are happy to help you make the right choice.