GK Elite Sportswear

GK Elite Sportswear



The leotards are delivered, if specified, including embellishment. If indicated with optional embellishment, then the price is exclusive of the embellishment.

GK has different collections throughout the year. The collection "In Stock", which runs from April / May to February / March, also contains some essential collections that change during the season.

All these models cannot be set in your own colors for the displayed price.

GK custom orders (shown prices without embellishment) and Exclusives (prices including embellishment) can be ordered in your own colors and provided with different types of embellishment.

If the optional embellishment is ordered with a model, this model is excluded from exchange / return and cancellation.

If a model is selected with the possibility to order the leotard in its own colors, then the photo is only an example and not a stock model. This leotard / Gymwear is then made especially for you and is therefore excluded from exchange / return and cancellation.



After years of experience, we were able to change the GK sizes to standard European dimensions. In this respect, some room for growth has already been taken into account. Too large leotards often feel "tight" under the armpits, because the leotard has to lose too much fabric under the armpits. Leotards that are too big damage faster. Especially peeling is visible much faster.

Would you like to determine the size based on a size chart? Click here.


Fabrics and colors

Click here for an overview of the colors / fabrics.

Velvet or velvet fabrics: These are the most durable fabrics.

Nylon / Spandex: These are durable fabrics with a slight sheen.

Mystique, hologram, sparkle fabrics: beautiful modern fabrics that can lose their shine during use. Especially not washing, has a big impact on it. For fabrics that have a different color surface than the film, and when it is worn, the undercoat will surface and make it look uglier than the solid, mystical fabrics. Examples of fabrics with a different color surface are Azure Mystique, Steel Mystique, Wild Sangria Sparkle. Here you will find a warning on our website and a warning is attached to the leotards. This wear is not covered by any warranty.

Sublimated fabrics: The new Trent in gymnastics, but one of the most sensitive fabrics. Since sublimation always takes place on a brighter surface, this lighter surface comes to the surface during exfoliation. The scrub or peeling has no guarantee.



GK uses Rhinestones, Sequinz, Spangles and SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS.



Fragile fabrics: Some fabrics (such as Mystique, Sparkle and hologram fabric) are very sensitive to friction and sweat (eg under the armpits). As a result, the film of the fabric can "break loose" or become clogged. "dissolve" and release to other substances. Deodorant, perfume and body lotions also have a negative effect on these substances. The gloss effect can be blurred by wearing and washing. therefore, we cannot give any guarantees regarding the durability of these fabrics.

Peeling: Peeling is a normal feature of clothing. Peeling can be aggravated by exposure to raw materials such as Velcro. Therefore, Peeling is excluded from any guarantee.

For sublimed fabrics, peeling can occur more quickly if it comes into contact with another rough surface (examples include mats, handles, floor mats, etc.). Unfortunately, this is a problem that occurs due to the nature of the tissue. CEK is not responsible for the replacement or repair of your clothing when peeling occurs.


Delivery time

The delivery time is displayed as soon as you click on the desired size. Leotards with optional embellishment have an extra delivery time. The delivery times are also indicated on your confirmation.



Read our washing instructions for leotards here.


Customer Service


You will find our further information under our customer service.